Fun-filled Summer SNACKATION and Beyond

“This is a sponsored post by Smucker’s. All opinions stated are my own.”

Summer seems to be the happiest season of the year when you can have so many fun-filled activities. My daughter just loves swimming, playing golf and a whole lot more. She even wished that it would be summer all year round. Even I would want it too, although it would mean additional work for me because part of my responsibility during these activities is to make sure my household won’t get hungry.


Recently I get to heard about SNACKATION. Together with the J.M. Smucker Company and the presence of the nearest Walmart, this has become the ultimate SNACKATION destination. I was able to make our summer activities not just fun-filled, but snack-filled.  We decided to grab some Smucker’s Uncrustables, JiF To Go Dippers, Jif Whips, Smucker’s Squeeze Grape  Smucker’s Fruit Fulls. My daughter chose the chocolate flavored hazelnut, while I decided to have the one with reduced sugar on whole wheat. When we passed by the entire aisle with these goodies, my daughter just can’t hide her excitement to make her own snacks and convinced me to buy the Smucker’s Strawberry Jam as well.


With their variety of products, just imagine how many yummy snacks you can easily make not just during your summer activities, but during the school year that has just started for my daughter.   We’re still planning some weekend adventures in the coming weeks.  I suggest to watch out for our mini-recipes and snack combos which I’m very excited to share.  You can check out some great tips and yummy recipes for your own SNACKATION HERE for you and your family to enjoy this summer and all year-round.

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19 thoughts on “Fun-filled Summer SNACKATION and Beyond

  1. Those are some good combinations! Grape and strawberry are both SO good. Have to try some of those other flavors as well. Haven’t tried those

  2. I try to avoid too much sugar and my kids follow my diet. Are the sugar free or low sugar ones still tasty? Have to look into getting a jar or two

  3. Snack filled is ok, as long as they are nice and healthy snacks. Finding that is hard. But it seems your family is doing a good job. Mine needs to improve

  4. Thanks Mile High Mom! Great suggestions. So excited to hear more and more of your suggestions for throughout the school year

  5. What are you favorite breads for your sandwiches? There are so many options. I like my bread cold most of the time. But some sandwiches it needs to be toasted

  6. Love the squeeze bottles of jam. Makes spreading it on my sandwiches so much easier. The glass jars were an accident waiting to happen when we got that for our kids

  7. Haven’t had smuckers in forever! Those were the good ole’ days. Growing up I had that all the time. I should look into getting this next time I’m at wal mart

  8. Your household will never go hungry! As long as you have jam, peanut butter and bread! We get by with so many meals with just that

  9. My kids absolute favorite sandwich is peanut butter and fluff on good whole wheat bread. They love it and can never get enough of it

  10. Looking forward to hearing some of your snack combinations for your daughter during the school year. We are desperately looking for some new recipes and suggestions

  11. Great tips! Don’t we all wish summer could last longer! I am not ready for this winter yet

  12. That makes for one reasonable, affordable meal for the whole family. If only I could get my whole family on board with eating something so simple

  13. So many choices blackberry, strawberry, black raspberry.. I will take all of them! One piece of toast for each jam. That is how I like my breakfast!

  14. What is snackaction? I’ll have to read that and check it out. Never heard of it. Just sounds like something I would like

  15. Those prices at Wal Mart! Man… If I could only find something half that price at my local grocery store here in Ohio

  16. Jif To Go Dippers? Are they new? Never heard of them. They just sound tasty! Gotta look into those

  17. Grape jam is SOOOOO good! I love it on a nice piece of crispy whole wheat toast. Your daughter has some good taste

  18. I’ve never been a huge jam person, but my father use to always have a ton of jams on his toast in the morning. Maybe I should give it a try again

  19. Wow! Had no idea Jif makes a hazelnut spread. I’ll have to try that out. I am obsessed with nutella, wonder how this one compares

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