Fun Game To Play

I downloaded a new game for our daughter today. This game is called Matryoshka! Deluxe for kids by Kidoteca for the the price of only $1.99 from iTunes. This is really a fun game to play for ages 2-6 years old, although I think this game would be fun for all ages because I was having a blast playing it, too. This version has 65 dolls you can play for fun and more discoveries for kids.

Overall, it’s really cool and a unique game that every kid will love. My daughter usually doesn’t have the patience to play games on the computer, but with this game she’s really into learning how to play it. She loves stacking all the dolls and then she unstacks them all.

The graphics are really amazing as well as the sound, which really makes it more fun and enjoyable to play because they have some really funny dolls characters and the rewards for kids after finishing the stacking dolls part is just too cool. I posted some of the photos here and you can tell how amazing and colorful they are as far as the graphics. You can download this game on iTunes for only $1.99 and when you do, you will be happy you did.

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