Fuzzy Ladybug Slippers

It’s really cold and snowy outside. These fuzzy ladybug slippers that I have on really keep my feet warm. My hubby used to call me freezy cat because I’m always feeling cold especially now that it’s really freezing outside. Aside from keeping me warm, these slippers feel so soft and comfy to wear. I love wearing them around the house and they are really coolest and most stylish looking slippers that I have ever had. These ladybug slippers will fit most up to size 10 and I am size 7 and they just fits so perfect. I love the faux fur coat and as you can see here they have beady eyes, antennae and a red nose and they are really cute animal slippers that will keep you warm this winter season. If you want to feel warm this winter, check out bunnyslippers.com, like their Facebook and you’ll be glad you did.

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