Game Gifts for the Holidays

One of the best gifts anyone can receive is a game gift because it adds fun to life. It also makes the relationship bond stronger among family members or friends when they can play at the same time. Having a game night of the week to spend with the family does a lot to the relationship stability between two or among love ones.  Below are a couple of holiday gift ideas that will make the time pass by without noticing. They are educational games, hence, it is all right to spend that extra time playing with other.

The Dicecapades! 2nd Edition is one of the card games that will get you interested that other fun games will be left into oblivion. Players can win cards by going through challenges successfully. If a player wins a specific number of cards, he/she is the game winner. This is probably the game with the most number of dice in the pack.

The Bodydoodles: The Tattoo Guessing Game is another unique game which may be one of your favorite family fun games, especially for children who seem to always love to write on skin! It’s like Pictionary with a twist! The person who draws and the person who guesses it correctly, both garners receive the same number of points written on the card. The first to reach the pre-decided winning score, wins. Don’t worry, the pen ink washes off with soap and water.

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