Get great hair and make up tips

My friends and I talk a lot about different ways to hairstyles our hair or put on our make up.  They are more willing to try different things when it comes to their looks than I am when it comes to my hair or make up.  So, I wanted to find a place where I could get some new ideas and see how the changes would look before I try it out.  Luckily, I found a website a couple of weeks ago that was exactly what I  was looking for.  They have a lot of great ideas showing different hair styles that look really great.  I looked at them with my hubby and we both agreed there are several hairstyles that would look great for me. I never thought about having short hair, but they had some great Short Hairstyles that I might try out this summer.  Also, since I don’t wear much make up, we found some great make up tips to help me out.   I told my friends about this website and they all found new hair styles they liked and tips on make up that they liked as much as I did.  So, for anyone looking for a new look, check out this website, for some great tips and ideas.