Get More Air with Ozeri’s Tower Fan

When it gets hot and humid, we want to have more air delivered to us in one unit, but at the same time enjoy the serenity of a quietroom while we sleep.  The Ozeri Ultra 42 inch Wind Fan – Adjustable Oscillating Tower Fan with Noise Reduction Technology does just that, and since it takes up vertical space, you save on floor space because of the small footprint for the fan itself (unlike stand fans where air comes only from the larger head).

It is virtually noiseless so that you can sleep through the night, which my hubby likes because he is a very light sleeper. You can also set the timer so you do not have to get up just to switch it off after a period of time.

Assembling does not even require any tools and takes only a couple of minutes.  To learn more about this awesome fan from Ozeri, you can visit Amazon and you will notice their very competitive prices.  This would be a perfect holiday gift because of it’s unique features and great performance!  So, check it out now to see why we love our Ozeri fan so much!


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