Get Skin-Care Balance from Tula Products

I received several items from Tula several days ago. I got the Purifying Face Cleanser, the Illuminating Face Serum, Revitalizing Eye Cream and Hydrating Day and Night Cream. This is exciting because the goal of Tula is to beautify not only the outer skin, but also from within by using the patented Probiotic Technology.

To give it a test, I joined the Tula 7 Days to Balanced Skin Challenge! The Purifying Face Cleanser not only cleans my pores, but it nourishes my skin as well. It is fragrant free, thus, it safe for those allergic to some scents. My skin was softer by using the Illuminating Face Serum every day. For those who have dark spots, this makes them disappear and gives an even-toned skin.

With the added glow, I look younger. As part of the Tula 7 day skin care regimen, I gave my skin some nutrients by using the Hydrating Day & Night Cream. The antioxidant protection made my skin more smooth and supple. Since I use my eyes often, they get tired easily. Good thing I got this Revitalizing Eye Cream that minimizes the dark circles and puffiness. I look like I always have a good night’s sleep. This experiment might be the way to go Tula for Life!  To learn more about Tula, check out Tula’s social channels: 

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This is a sponsored post and is an original review I wrote.