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For the past decade, if you will notice, there has been a continuous rise of the number of people getting sick. Cancer and obesity are two of the common culprits of ailing bodies. More people having weak immune systems are on the rise. Even if people take multivitamins, it seems that it is not enough, just as I have experienced. That will change now. The Vivia Formula VF-360 is different because you have three kinds of formulation, one for each meal. The morning bottle contains more stimulating effects to boost your day; the noon bottle keeps your body nourished; and the night bottle gives you a more relaxing effect to get ready to sleep. The result makes you wake up, work and sleep better, defending your body from illnesses, enhancing vitality, boosting energy, fighting fatique, accelerating metabolism and healthy skin, nails and hair. While getting healthier, you can share your experience with others and earn some with the VIVIA FORMULA – AFFILIATE PROGRAM. Health is really our true wealth!

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A short introduction:

Thank you for stopping by and checking out our affiliate program page!

We at Vivia Formula invite you to become a part of our success by joining our affiliate program and promoting the“VF-360 Defense System” – a creation designed to bring people better health and well-being.

VF-360 Defense System is a revolutionary super-food, multi-vitamin and powerful anti-aging agent proudly made in the USA. VF-360 is formulated from 93 scientifically validated ingredients in an FDA approved cGMP facility. Unlike “regular” multi-vitamins, the VF-360 Defense System was designed to work with our body both day and night. To ensure this, the VF-360 Defense System comes in a balanced morning, noon and night package.

Click here for a short comic which explains the advantages of VF-360 over a regular multi-vitamin.

VF-360 Defense System – “The Sales Pitch”:

In today’s industrialized world and fast paced life, our body is exposed more than ever before to pollution through the air we breathe, to preservatives and lack of nutrients in the food we eat, and to germs, chemicals and radiation that surround us. All of these make our body less tolerant to illnesses and diseases, naturally – a defense system is needed.

Hello and welcome to Vivia Formula!

We at Vivia Formula are proud to introduce you to the VF-360 Defense System!

VF-360, proudly made in the USA, is a revolutionary super-food, multi-vitamin and powerful anti-aging agent that will revitalize and defend your body.

So, how does it work?

Enriched in over 90 high-end vital ingredients, VF-360 contains: vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, amino acids, herbs, spices, algae, power-mushrooms, fruit extracts and more! Countless studies around the globe have proven that many of VF-360’s ingredients are highly beneficial for the health of the human body.

Designed to ensure optimal absorption in your body, VF-360 comes in a balanced morning, noon and night package. As a result, VF-360 will naturally provide you with 360 degrees of ongoing defense throughout the day.

VF-360 Will:

  • Defend Your Body!*
  • Enhance Your Vitality!*
  • Boost Your Energy Levels and Fight Fatigue!*
  • Accelerate Your Metabolism!*
  • Improve The Look and Health of Your Skin, Hair and Nails!*


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