Get what your child needs

 I have a friend that has two young children who both wear eyeglasses. She has to pay out of her pocket for their glasses and her kids are very careful, but their glasses still get damaged accidentally. I really wanted to help her find a way to get her children the glasses they need, but at a more reasonable cost than where she has been buying them. Recently, my hubby and I saw something about Zenni Optical on TV!!! So, we went to their website to see how good their deals for are for children’s glasses and we were amazed.

They have incredible prices on many different styles and $ 8 Rx eyeglasses too. This will be a big help for my friend and someday for us if our daughter, Rachel, ever needs glasses in the future. High Five to Zenni Optical for giving parents such a great value option to buy the eyeglasses their kids need at such affordable prices everyday.



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