GiveForward Results to #unexpectedjoy

It has been said, “it is more blessed to give than to receive.” That means so much because receiving is already a great blessing! How much more joy can there be when giving?  I recall having been the recipient of #unexpectedjoy. It may be little to other’s point of view, but it sure was a great joy for me. As a mom and as a wife, work is never finished. Once a task is done, there is always something else to do next. It is a 24-hour job, 7 days a week. One day when hubby was home, out of the blue he just cooked dinner and did the dishes! When I asked what the occasion was, he countered with another question: “Should there be an occasion just to show you that I care?” For me that was #unexpectedjoy.  I have had the opportunity to be the giver as well and I can say that it truly is more joyful to be on the giver’s end, especially when you know that the recipient really appreciated the effort because of the need he or she had at that time. The value of happiness outweighs the value of the gift given.  Some people get the hang of giving that it becomes addicting. One of the ways people can benefit from that addiction is through GiveForward.

You can change the world, one person at a time. It does not have to take just one person to help someone in need. A collective effort will divide the burden ,yet the recipient will truly be receiving what he or she needs that cannot be accomplished on his or her own. Like, if 10,000 people give $10 each, it may be measly to the givers, but $100,000 may mean someone can go through surgery to save his/her life. If you are the giver and you know that the surgery is now possible and became successful, wouldn’t that give a great feeling? Don’t deny yourself the blessing of being a giver, especially now that it is so easy to do.

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