$1 eyeglasses: the cheapest glasses ever!

When buying eyeglasses, the frame is usually more expensive than the lenses, especially if there are no special applications for the lens that will make them more expensive. Sometimes, what others do is buy cheap frames elsewhere and use it in place of the frames offered by the prescription glasses store. After all, the really important thing is having the proper lens.

Today, August 28 to September 3, you have a chance to buy prescription eyeglasses at for only $1.

They will be available only on the specified timeframe because the price drop is so low. The available quantities will also be limited, so if you really are looking for this kind of opportunity, log in as soon as it starts today August 28 to make sure you get those $1 Eyeglasses before it’s too late. Remember, it will only last for a week.

You may also need more than one pair, but think of the extras as frames (there are 60 models of frames available) which may not be available in your local stores. Buy 11 different frames and you can have one kind for each month, only for $11. It is also practical when accidents happen and someone breaks your glasses. It may take 2 to 20 working days before your order reaches you, depending where you live.

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