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It gets boring and exhausting spending the whole day working in the kitchen or doing household chores. We all need a relaxing or rejuvenating break for ourselves, right? Something that will make your daily routine more interesting and exciting, right? I’m a mother of an eight-year old daughter and a housewife, so my days can get pretty routine.

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Maadly.com has transformed my boredom into a new adventure and experience since their app allows me to explore and meet new people around the world. Wanna know about my experience of Maadly so far? Let me enlighten you on what Maadly has to offer: Get picture/Broadcasts: They fascinate you with the pictures/Video broadcasts from around the world. Now, you can watch all your favorite videos of your loved ones from all over the world. It is a lot fun and really exciting to share your clips and at the same time exchanging comments while watching other people’s videos and pictures.


The good part about Maadly is that you are not going to come across any spam or offensive content as it is secured and protected for people of all ages. To stay engaged with people across the world, I am able to remain in contact with my friends despite my busy schedule since I started with Maadly. I just share my thoughts, messages, pictures or videos from daily routine while working from my mobile phone and these messages turn into beats on Maadly. These beats will dictate your Karma score. People can like your beats and praise you for the pictures or videos you post for them. These likes result in an increase in your Karma score. People like your beats and share their thoughts, routines, likes and dislikes regarding what they saw. I found I was able to make several good friends with the help of Maadly and now I never feel isolated or tired while doing my household work alone.

Karma Score:
The most attractive and addicting factor of Maadly is the Karma Score. Everyone on the site wants to have a higher Karma score than others. Whenever a person or an individual leaves a like for your beat, it will eventually increase your Karma score. You will immediately be notified when someone likes or dislikes your beat .The advantage of having a higher Karma score is that your beats will reach more people compared to when you have a lower Karma score.

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  1. I like the idea that it’s a secure app that is appropriate for all ages! It’s nice to have these social media app that I can share with my younger teen!

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