Great Circus Show for All Ages

Last night we watched the Ringling Brothers & Barnum Bailey Circus and no wonder it’s called the greatest show on Earth because it is indeed a great show! The circus was just amazing, we all had so much fun. All the entertainers are very talented, lots of acting in character and it was really hard to tell which one was my favorite because everything in the circus was just awesome! Although I can say that the event from last year is different from last night show, which made it made the show even more interesting. The theme from last nights show was Build to Amaze.

It’s amazing how those magnificent animals like elephants, tigers and the group of dogs that were performed that were my daughter’s favorites. The sounds were just amazing, it really adds to the performance during their astonishing show. This circus was just beyond my imagination and is just simply amazing. I highly recommend this memorable event for all ages to watch the greatest show on Earth, which is the name of this world-famous circus.

If you live in the Denver area, check out this event since they have a shows going on Oct. 5, 9 and 13, 2013. You will be amazed with their amazing circus performers; here’s some photos I posted from last nights show. Have fun and enjoy a show you will always remember!

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