Great Morning Routines

Great Morning Routines

Written by my friend Otis Buckley

Every morning I have to make sure my little girls eat breakfast before 8 o’clock in the morning. Their routine is the same every morning, they eat then carry their stuffed animals over in front of the television to watch their favorite show Sesame Street. I don’t mind because it’s such an educational show and it gives me a chance to straighten up the kitchen. They are so cute after wards, they can’t quit talking about it until something else catches their attention.

After watching Sesame Street on TVbyDirect each of my girls came up with their favorite Muppet. My 4-year-old loves Elmo because he is bright red and giggles a lot. Elmo makes her laugh out loud every time she sees him. Big Bird is the most awesome Muppet in the world, at least my 6-year-old thinks so. She thinks he could give the best hugs because is so big and has so many feathers.

It’s great to watch your kids grow up and still watching the same educational show that you remembered when you were small.

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