Great place for a getaway

My husband learn how to ski since he was a kid and has been skiing ever since. He has only have a chance to ski in Minnesota where he grow up and here in Colorado. He has skiing in Colorado of course, which offers some of the best skiing condition and ski resorts in the world. In the other hand skiing in Minnesota is mostly skiing on what they call a ski hill. So he really appreciate the difference between the two. We have taken many trips over the last couple of years, but the furthest we got to the east was going to Ohio to visit my sister. The next time we travel east, were planning to visit upper east coast. My hubby has heard the best place to go skiing on the east coast is in Vermont. So were going to plan a Family vacation Vermont next winter. His really excited to go skiing and show me a lot of the tourist sites in the area. While were there we visit his cousin whose engage and his one of the many people planning to have one of the many popular Vermont weddings next year. Since the groom and bride to be are still both in college they are planning to reserve an affordable and romantic
Vermont honeymoon packages

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