Great Tasting Coffee You Will Love


My days will not be the same without drinking coffee.  I love the taste and drink a cup every single morning. I was really glad to review this awesome dark roast coffee from Kicking Horse Coffee.  When I opened the can, I couldn’t believe how great the smell of this dark roasted coffee was and I was so excited to grind some right away.

I hardly drink coffee at night, but because this dark roasted coffee just smelled so good that I couldn’t help myself not to drink some.  The taste was really good, smooth, with a rich coffee taste that I have always wanted.  I’m just loving this kicking horse coffee!!!

If you love coffee like I do, I suggest to check out this place because their coffee is just awesome.  They use only organic arabica beans, so no wonder their coffee is so good!  To learn more about this place, check them out on Facebook and Twitter, follow them and you will be happy you did.

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