Hassle And Fuzzy Free Bath Time With Your Kids


While most kids enjoy splashing in the tub and playing with their favorite floating toys, other children dread taking a bath. For these sensitive kids, the water is always either too hot or too cold, or frighteningly intense as it sprays out of the showerhead. I know a friend who has a child that gets agitated by the sounds and lighting in the bathroom and another hates the textures of the towel. Many kids hate having their hair rinsed because they have to lean their head backwards, which can feel awkward and sometimes causes pain in their neck. One tip that will make bath time enjoyable is by using a hands free bath visor (also known as a shampoo shield). It prevents the water from flowing down the child’s face and into their eyes.

I always have a hard time giving my daughter a bath or shower because she doesn’t like the shampoo when it gets into her eyes. But, everything changed for the best when I received this Hands Free Bath Visor from Kair. I would like to thank them for this awesome opportunity to try out this product. Now, my daughter loves going into the shower and the coolest thing about this visor is she can shower by herself now while I watch her. If you wish to have a fuzzy-free bath time you’re your kids, then visit this place, like their Facebook and you will be glad you did.

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