Headphones For Kids

I would like to thank Gearforkidz.com for this awesome opportunity to review their headphones products for kids. My daughter really loves these headphones, they fit really well on her, the quality of the sound is awesome, they are really comfortable to wear and the cool thing is because they’re adjustable, I can wear it too! Here’s some great features about this headphones: the max volume is 80 db-90dB which is intended for kids, you can carry it anywhere because of its lightweight design, can be used ages 2 and up, built in volume knob, cord length is 1.5 meters, 30 mm speaker size, it has free kidzcontrol volume limit cable and for only 19.99 you have a lifetime limited warranty. These headphones can be used with any audio content and this is far the best and safest headphones for kids plus they have a great variety of colors that your kid will love. If you want these really cool headphones for kids, check out this place and you will be happy you did.

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