Healthy Almond Cookies


Who would not love these healthy biscuits combined with healthy almonds? The first time I tasted them, I just couldn’t stop smiling while eating them. They are so good and tasty, plus the fact they are very healthy snacks for you and your family. I have to thank for giving me this opportunity to try these healthy almond cookies. Here’s some great info about this product; it has no added, fat, preservatives and no cholesterol. It’s crunchy which I love so much and I can eat them with any drink you like such as coffee, which I did and it was just an awesome taste, with tea, combine it with some cheese dip and if you love wine, this is great too. I have tried their seven most popular flavors which are the THE ORIGINAL, CHOCONUT, CINNAROMA, GINGERSPICE, SESAME, PUMPKIN SPICE, CHOCOLATE CHERRY.

When I asked my hubby and my daughter what’s their favorite flavor and they said it’s the choconut.  I already knew what they liked the most because the moment they saw these yummy snacks on the table, they both grabbed the choconut flavor. For me, I would say I like the gingerspice even more because of it’s unique flavor and it tastes just like you’re eating small pieces of ginger, which I love. There’s a lot of great benefits when eating ginger and I eat some every now and then in my recipes. All in all, their cookie products are just great tasting snacks and they are healthy snack for your loved ones to eat as well . If you want to learn more about their products, like them on Facebook and follow then on Twitter to get more information and updates.

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