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As parents, we see to it that our daughter will become a person with kindred spirit and knows how to help others, especially those who are unfortunate. We want her to realize the value of sharing and that not every kid has the luxury of what she has when it comes to a quality education.

I’ve been always sharing Rachel’s activities ever since she was little. From her relationship with her pretend sissies up to her adventure escapades with her closest friends, we are trying document all of her happy moments. Now that she is already in school, we fully support whatever school activity she wants to have like those school plays and other similar activities. She loves looking at her pictures again and again and we can really say these activities have improved her self esteem and her happiness is priceless.
During on one of our strolls in the park, she met a kid of her age and asked her if she tried to learn how to sing songs like her. Unfortunately, the girl said she didn’t and Rachel was very sad knowing that some schools can’t afford to give their students the same activities that she is sharing with her classmates. She wanted to help and as parents, we cannot just let this request pass. It’s a natural act of kindness. Good thing there is this program called “20 days of schoola”. It’s a program that makes it easy to help-a-school for those schools in need.

For our beneficiary school, we are choosing is KIPP Academy, a small school in Bronx which helps their unfortunate students. Just simply Shop At Schoola and for every item you buy, $1 would be given to the academy. This is one way that we could Give Back, whatever blessing we receive thus impart the value of sharing with other children. Let us not let them down by promoting the learning of music for those children who can’t afford to pay for lessons.

Check out this Video On Youtube to learn more about ‘Saving Music’ and how to makepeople happy by promoting it.  Other great news for my lovely readers, get a 20% discount when you Shop at Schoola and help raise money for the KIPP Academy! The code is BacktoSchoola20 and expires on August 20, 2014;  this promotion allows only one use per customer.

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