Help Your Imagination Soar

Remember the movie Toy Story? Andy had lots of toys and played with them as if they were real. In the story, he did not know that the toys came alive when he was not around. His toys loved him so much because of his imagination while playing with them. You have the chance to play with such gusto! Who has not had some Fairy Fantasies?

There have been lots of movies with different Tinkerbell stories and Barbie has her own version too! The fairies are not supposed to let humans know they exist, but humans somehow wished that they did. Now you can let your imagination soar to the next level with your own tea party set.

Invite your friends to play with you and spend the afternoon feeling refreshed. They are all hand painted with bright colors, sculpted with delicate precision, all with shimmering wings. Each fairy is less than 5 inches tall and they come in one carry-all tube 10.5″ high with 1.75″ diameter. They are all lead free and are recommended for ages 3 and above.

You can also have your own red translucent binocular with vinyl case to further the adventures you (or your kids) can enjoy together.

Anyway, all of these awesome toys are from the  I was so fortunate to review some of their awesome products and as you can see here in the pictures of my daughter really having a blast playing with them all.  What I love about these toys is that they are made of high quality materials, all of their toys are inspired by nature and most importantly all these products are phthalate free. Let your imagination soar with safari hand painted authentic replicas.  Also, to browse more of safari toys check out the place, become their Facebook and Twitter fan and let your imagination take you to the place where you enjoy.

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