High Credit Scores Earn Us Financial Freedom

Owning a credit card has worked to my advantage a number of times. The credit scores I earn entitled me to pay less on the items I fancy and splurge on. But the best thing I really love was that I was given the chance to have mortgage and auto loans with lower interest rates. Isn’t that wonderful? What also worked to my advantage is the protection against identity theft. I worry all the time that without this protection, I feel paranoid thinking that another person is using my credit card without my knowledge. Good thing I am protected from these robbers.

I have a friend who encountered a real bad experience because of identity theft. It was so terrible for her to have been ripped off for that hefty sum of money and for her to have no choice but to make the payments without having used the money herself! She can’t even file a dispute because she was not protected. That seems so unfair to me. She learned from it the hard way. After that bad incident, she acquired credit card protection and she admitted that it has been the best decision she had ever done for her finances. Knowing the ordeal and predicament she had to go through was awful.

I would never want to go through the same trouble she did. Therefore, I had to protect myself ahead of time before someone does that to me. Now, I feel more secure and protected. I would never want my credit scores jeopardized because some morons ripped me off. I always payback the money that I owe and I pay for my own spending, but I can’t afford to pay for others that robbed me by using my credit card or stealing my identity. It does pay to be vigilant about these things. Some people tend to forget the importance of getting protecting for their credit and identitiy, but for me, it is something that I would never risk. Our credit rating and history has long term benefits for each of us and I deem it important for my financial freedom.