Holiday Gift Guide for Creative Kids

This holiday season, my eight year old daughter, Rachel, and I have come across some exciting and delightful gifts for kids who are passionate about gaming like my own daughter. These complimentary products and holiday gifts are going to exhilarate your children just as much as my daughter with their exciting and thrilling experiences.

In this article, I will share with you Rachel’s delight and my own discovery about how these two trending and widely popular logic and strategy games are very intriguing and entertaining, which will help increase your child’s mental focus and concentration.

codem-1950-loresspillThe Code Master, a programming logic game, is indeed any child’s gaming dream come true with its exhilarating and thrilling adventures.  Rachel felt that it gave free reign with her incredibly adventurous imagination and transported her into an exotic and mysteriously alluring world where she can choose different avatars and adopt effective strategies that will enable her to succeed in her quest for the power crystals. I must say, I have never seen her so excited about anything else!  All 60 levels of this single player game come with 10 maps, 12 guide strolls, 12 action tokens and 8 conditional tokens. All levels are filled with thrilling adventures and excitingly action-packed fun, effective programming knowledge and logic is required to successfully locate the Crystals, collect them and safely land at the Portal.

Code Master is for all children above the age of 8 and it provides a set of instructions with solutions that provides a simple way to explain the game.  At the suggested retail price of only $19.99, the Code Master has proved to be an incredibly interesting and consuming gift for my darling Rachel, which does not only occupy her time wisely, but also improves her analytical and strategic development skills. 

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The Rush Hour Shift is also an exciting and thrilling two-player strategy game. After playing it myself, as I do with each game to ensure it rushhshift-5060-wld-loresspillhas safe content for the exposure of my eight-year old, I have discovered that this game requires you to exhibit incredible efficiency and exhausting speed in order to escape before your opponent!  I watched her making smart and credible strategies, which ensures that her Hero Car carefully and expertly zooms out of the jam packed traffic along with diligently utilizing every move and opportunity to block her opponent.  The continuously changing and shifting Traffic Grid enhances the interest of the players and increases the fun, just when Rachel shouts that she has almost succeeded, a shift of the grid will bring her back where she started! 

Rush Hour Shift, with its 12 blocking vehicles, 2 Hero cars and 32 cards, has a price of only $24.99 for all the racing enthusiasts above the age of 8!  It comes with an instruction manual with 10 Game set ups.  It is indeed the best Christmas gift for my passionate little racing gamer! 

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Christmas is just around the corner, so if you’re looking for gift guides for your kids, check out ThinkFun and you’ll see a lot of creative games that will enhance their creativity and fun. 

 I receive some products at no cost for reviewing purposes only. All written content is 100% original.

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  1. I like that it’s a game that helps improve your analytic skills too. I have zero doubt my son would love this one.

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