Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

 The holidays are here and will be gone soon. Have you got your little ones something special for Christmas?

1. Swim Goggles are great option for your child who loves spending time in the water. It has an embedded rubber nose and a brow piece for comfort and gives the utmost UV protection with high sun glare reduction. It can be worn with prescription glasses, if needed. The frame is shatter-resistant and sides are adjustable for growth. Different colors available.

2. Hearing Protection is a solution to keep your children’s hearing in good working condition even as they age. Most kids/teens and even young adults ignore the fact that if they hear noises too loud (like headsets with loud music, yard mowing, karaoke, etc.), it ruins the hearing sooner than later. Protect them early so they get used to it. Colors are varied and available for boys and girls.

3. Ski Goggles are eye protection worn during winter events and activities. They have wide vision lenses and provide 100% UVA/UBV protection. They prevent fogging and provide an excellent seal from the cold and snow without hindering their vision. Super soft contour and an adjustable extra wide band offers extra comfort. They are shatter-resistant and are available in three colors for kids 4-10 years old.

4. The Retro Banz sunglasses  are another way to protect your kids from the harmful rays of the sun while making them look fabulous. The oversized frame has a wrap-around design with comfortable nose pieces that makes wearing less tiring when worn so long. They are available in six colors for kids from ages 0-5.

5. Get the bucket hat and wrap around sunglasses for a perfect match when spending time under the sun. The lenses offer 100% UVA/UVB protection and can be replaced with prescription lenses. They are durable, flexible, breathable and comfortable. The adjustable strap allows for a snug fit and extended use as they grow. The pair is also fashionable and for ages 0-5.

6. The Short Sleeve UPF 50+ Rash Tops makes swimming under the harsh heat of the sun worry-free. All Banz swimwear like this rash top passed through clinical rating of UPF 50+ which exceeds the Australian standards. It has no chemicals, nor tags, designed with flat seams and has protective collar. The sizes available are 1-12 and blue is available for boys.


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