Home Depot deals

We are lucky enough to have one home depot a couple of miles from our house close to my hubby office where he works. Every week my hubby always checks their ads to see what items they have on sale to see if there is anything that he is considering buying soon. My hubby only goes to one place to get any type of supplies or other items we need for around the house, yard or garden. He was just there today getting help matching paint to do some touch up on his friends house. They also needed some topsoil, fertilizer and wood chips for the garden. While browsing on the internet this morning, I found this website called savings.com. I told my hubby about their Home Depot deals and his really excited to tell his friends about what this website has to offer. If anyone asks my hubby where they should go for supplies for their home, he always tells them to go to Home Depot. He saves good money by looking for the sales and using the coupons. This is where we keep up to date on the current Home Depot deals that we look at on a regular basis.