Home lighting

I was searching the internet for contemporary lighting for a room that I am planning to remodel. I was particularly interested in contemporary pendant lighting for my bedroom. I am very picky with the types of lights that I use. It has to not only match my wallpaper and paint, but also has to match my furniture. My house is contemporary style so it is important that it be not only unique, but also be contemporary style lighting. There was many to choose from so I don’t think it is going to be difficult to find one that matches. Pendant lighting is a good choice for the bedroom because it is a softer light and a softer appearance. Unlike a chandelier which is much brighter and with an over powering appearance. As mater of fact I was thinking to use two sets. One is in the center of the room and the other one directly over a small desk area. I was also looking at using a couple of contemporary wall scones for the desk area. That may be more appropriate since I won’t have all the lighting hanging from the ceiling. That will give it a different type of look and uniqueness that I am looking for.

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