How Candy Women’s Mesh Active Shoe Helped Me (& Giveaway)

If you’re like me, you just keep running around during the entire day. You leave your home to go to work, you need to grab something at the grocery store, pickup the kids at school and even occasionally meet up with some family or friends. And as women, we want to be beautiful for every occasion. We don’t want people to know we didn’t get enough sleep or how stressed we are about something. We want to look whenever we go out so we feel comfortable and confident. How can we pull all those things off and still look so good?


There are a lot of things we can do, but one that mostly affected me was wearing high heals shoes, boots or sandals. No matter how comfortable they are at first, after two or three hours moving from one place to another, my feet start killing me, not to mention how my back feels later.  So, I have been trying to find a solution for no pain feet while still looking stylish. My last try was with Candy Women’s Mesh Active Shoe in black for a week ago. And I mean last because I’ve been using them since I first tried them on. For work, for playing out with my kid, to meet with friends and family, to go to the supermarket, for everything they just work great for me.

You just can’t imagine the relief it has been to my back and especially to my feet since I started wearing them.

The Candy Women’s Mesh Active Shoe is not only beautiful, this shoe couldn’t be more comfortable. It seems like you’re not using any shoes at all. They adapt to your feet and they have breathable mesh and synthetic uppers. And if you are still suffering from your shoes like I was, you can insert gel-filled soles to help you since they have removable cushioned insoles.

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You can find your Candy Women’s Mesh Active Shoe at If by any chance you’re not sure about the Candy Women’s Mesh Active Shoe quality, they are accredited by the National Posture Institute and approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association. Start feeling great like me, both for your feet and your back.

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