How I Use My Magnetic Knife Holder from M.O.C. Woodworks

I was moving to a new home and I noticed that I didn’t have very much room in my new kitchen like I had in the previous one. I had to sort some things out so everything could fit in a nice looking way, but I felt something was missing. The drawers for all the cutlery lacked some space so I started looking for a solution and this was when I found M.O.C. Woodworks.

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They have magnetic knife holders made with different types of wood such as cherry, maple, walnut, wenge, among others and they can even provide custom engravings. So, I ended up by choosing a magnetic knife holder with 20-inch wenge wood, with a nice inscription on it.

First of all, they’re fast in delivering, even with these specific details as the inscription. Then, I had no problem placing it right on the spot I had established for it (the instructions they include in the package are perfect). And now, after one week of using it and keeping 6 knives there, I can say it’s rock-solid. It still holds the knives as if it was the first day we started using it.

I liked it so much that I’m planning to order two more: one as a gift to my hubby so he could put it in the garage with some tools. And the second one for the entry of my home, so I wouldn’t lose my keys again and it works great!

My point is that you can use your magnetic knife holder from M.O.C. Woodworks and rest assured it will last. Also, you don’t have to be so picky as I am, for choosing to have something engraved. Even if I hadn’t placed any inscription there, I would still be impressed with their professionalism both taking care of the customers and with the quality of their products.


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