How to Cope with Allergies

Most allergies are cause discomfort to internal organs, skin or breathing. Some can be fatal while others can cause other issues due to scratching the itch, and if your digestive system is affected, you may be staying near the bathroom. How can you cope with your allergies to be able to live life more comfortably and minimize the dangers that can befall you? Having had asthma for several years and having experienced near-death several times, I’ve figured out what to do.

Know your Allergens

If you have been treated in a hospital, you will likely be asked if you are allergic to certain medicines. That is to avoid aggravating the situation. Being aware of your allergens will enable you to decide whether to eat a specific food or not, choose your accessories better, and breathe more comfortably. Once you have identified your allergens, avoid them as much as possible, unless you have made your immune system stronger, then ingesting them from time to time, wearing metal or sniffing cologne or smoke from time to time will be bearable.

Breathe Correctly

Breathing the wrong way robs you of a more comfortable life. Babies breathe right naturally. As we grow old, we learn to breathe the wrong way, hence, the lower lungs are not maximized. Inhale and exhale slowly through the nose and make sure to use your diaphragm (your stomach bulges as you inhale instead of your chest). When asthma attacks, sometimes it helps to hold your breath for awhile to calm the airway.

Avoid Chemical-Laden Products for your skin

People with sensitive skin react to chemicals 99.9% of the time. There are just varying degrees of reactions for different people. Choose hypoallergenic makeup sets or all-natural ones. Virgin coconut oil helps in healing the skin and making it glow. Applying right after bathing at night, but before toweling, will lock the water in the pores through the night, for healthier skin. It is also anti-fungal, as well as anti-microbial, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial, so you are covered well.

Strengthen your Immune System

As long as your immune system is weak, there is no way your allergic reaction will lessen drastically. It can only be done with proper nutrition. In today’s generation, most of what is called food are filled with preservatives and served fast. Even supposedly natural foods are GMOs. Livestock and poultry are often injected with hormones. Farm lands are filled with insecticides. Choose where you get your nutrition from wisely.

Visit an allergy doctor, such as Dr. Summit Shah, MD. He will be able to help you, especially when you have ongoing allergy problems. Check his LinkedIn profile, too.

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