How to Fight Childhood Obesity

Most of today’s children spend their time watching TV or playing video games. Add to that, they enjoy processed meals coming from fast food restaurants that presents an eye catching menu. The lack of physical activities along with wrong food choices are just some of the reasons why childhood obesity is becoming a major health problem.

Parents should act on this matter before it’s too late. Remember that being the adult figure at home, your child looks up to you as a role model. Your own lifestyle, food choices and activities could play a huge role on your child’s health. How can you win the battle against childhood obesity?

 First, be a responsible parent. Show your kids how to eat right and set an example when it comes to a healthy diet. Children would naturally do what they see from their parents. So if your favorite snacks includes a can of soda and a huge burger, then your child will be most likely to eat the same way. Create a healthy diet plan for the entire family that contains fruits and vegetables. It’s time to stay away from the bad eating habits and switch to the healthier ones.

Another way to fight childhood obesity is to engage your child in physical activities. Sitting for hours watching television or playing video games do not burn any calories. The sedentary lifestyle, which sadly has becoming a trend among the younger generation greatly contributes in this health problem. Let them run around or set a playdate with other parents so that your child can meet new friends and get some good physical exercise.  You can also do activities as a family; a walk in the park or a little game with kids will allow them to move around freely at the same time serves as a bonding time for the whole family.

 Keep in mind that as parents, there’s a huge responsibility on your part when it comes to encouraging kids to stay healthy. Your role is to lead them towards the path to a healthier life.

Rose is a freelance writer who is passionate about fitness and health. She enjoys photography and gardening during her free time while she’s currently working on  a kaloriräknare project that provides information about calorie counters.

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