How to Find a Right Demolition Company

Demolition of a home seems like a simple process when watched on TV, but it is not the case in reality. To make sure your house is demolished properly, you should shop around for the right Louisville demolition company for the job.

Do Some Research

You can start looking for a demolition company in your area by getting references from people you know or doing some online search. Once you get the names of several businesses, do some research on how many years they have been around, and what types of residential demolition projects they have done. Experience is important in demolition line work, and ensures that the job will be done right.

Questions to Ask

Demolition can be a dangerous process, hence it is important that the company you hire has all the right licenses and insurances required by national and local standards. The demolition company representative should show you any such licenses per request. 

Ask the company to present you with a plan of the demolition, as well as a timeline that lists every step of the process. Another important question to ask is whether the demolition company will clean up the area after finishing the job. A good demolition company should be able to remove any debris from your property. Some companies will give you a discount if you let them salvage certain materials from the project, such as doors, windows, and steel, among others.  They are likely to recycle these, which will make your demolition job more environmentally friendly, keeping a lot of items out of landfills.

Lastly, if your home is older, you should check with the demolition company whether it has the right licensing and experience in handling dangerous materials, such as asbestos. After a demolition project involving such materials, the company should be able to decontaminate the property, to ensure no asbestos is left in the area. The disposal of asbestos should be done in a proper manner, as required by safety regulations. Ideally, the Louisville demolition company should have an asbestos expert as part of its staff, who would be overseeing the proper execution of these types of projects.


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