How to fix your mosquito problem

Many areas of the country have serious problems with mosquitoes for most of the year except wintertime. When we were kids the only thing to do was spray yourself with that smelly and sticky bug spray or go inside to avoid the mosquitoes altogether. Now, there is a better way to get rid of those pesky and dangerous biting insects. You can visit to learn more about the Mosquito Magnet which traps and kills the mosquitoes in your yard or other areas you put their device. Some of the tips include where the best location to locate the trap, which attractants work best in different areas of the country and the easy steps needed to properly maintain it. The information is easy to understand and follow for best results. Our brother-in-law has one and he loves it. They use the attractant called octenol because that is what is recommended for their area. They have excellent customer support to help with any issues or questions their customers have after the purchase.

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