How To Make Moving House Less Stressful

Moving house is among the top four things in life that cause stress, so when it comes to actually moving home, you want to make sure that it goes as smoothly as possible. The best way to do this is by planning out the move in plenty of time. In this article, there will be some tips to make your life easier.


Once you know for definite that you’re going to move, and you have a property lined up to move into, it’s a good idea to start packing things that you won’t use between now and when you move. Things like summer or winter clothes (depending on what time of year you’re moving) can be packed, so can gadgets and kitchen equipment that you won’t use. You could make some sacrifices and pack some things that you may use fairly regularly, and choose not to use them until you’re in your new home.

Be sure to label each box, so that you know which room to take your belongings into. There’s nothing worse than not knowing what is in each box and then having to lumber boxes between rooms.

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If you’re fortunate enough to own a van, trailer or a large vehicle, then the move for you should be fairly simple. When it comes to the day of moving, you can simply load up your vehicle and start moving your furniture and other belongings over to your new home. If you don’t have that luxury, thinking about hiring a moving company like dc movers to help with the process. If you’re not that keen on the packing process, you could even land yourself a package where the movers will pack your belongings and transport them too.


You’ve seen your new home, so pre-plan where your furniture is going to be placed, and who is having which bedroom. It’s likely that you’ll have some sort of measurements of each room from your estate agent, so measure your furniture so that you can quickly get things into your new home and into the right room.

Another wise idea if you have children is to prepare them for the move. Explain that it’s going to be a big change and that it’s going to be an adventure. Moving is scary for the best of us, so make sure that everyone involved is comfortable and prepared for the change.

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Helping hands

Ask friends and family members to help with your move if you’re choosing to move without professional help. Extra cars and vans will make the transition so much quicker, and also take some of the carryings of your belongings off everything you have to think about. After the move, you could have everyone over to your new home for a housewarming party.

As mentioned earlier, moving home can be stressful, but if you follow these simple tips, you can rest assured that your move will go smoothly and you can begin to enjoy living in your new home.

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