How to Prepare for a Trip to the Sedation Dentist

Sedation dentistry can provide the solution that many nervous or anxious dental patients have been seeking. This will allow you to completely relax in a dream-like state while your Covington sedation dentist completes any necessary dental work. Most dentists, including family, general, and cosmetic dentists, typically offer sedation options for particularly stressed or nervous patients.

Types of Sedation Options

There are a variety of types of sedation dentistry options available. For instance, typically dentists will offer oral, IV, or nitrous oxide sedation options. The right solution for you will depend on your particular needs, preferences, and which dentist you choose. 

If you have chosen oral sedation, your dentist may prescribe pills for you to take prior to your appointment. It is important that you carefully follow any and all recommendations that they give you to ensure that your appointment proceeds smoothly.

When Can You Eat?

Your dentist will recommend that you avoid food and liquid for a certain period of time before your sedation dental appointment. If you will be undergoing IV sedation, it is best to avoid any food, drinks, or water for at least six hours before your procedure. For early morning appointments, it is usually best to stop eating and drinking after midnight the night before. Every appointment is different and each sedation option has its own set of requirements, so your best bet is to speak with your dentist prior to your appointment for more exact information.

Try to Relax 

Most patients seek sedation dentistry because they cannot overcome their fear of the dentist. However, the more you are able to relax before your procedure, the easier it will seem to you. Many patients find that planning a treat or special outing following their appointment can help them focus on something else and can get them through the appointment. You may also read a book or listen to soothing music while in the waiting area to relax your mind and nerves before your appointment.

Let your chosen Covington sedation dentist know of any areas of sensitivity or concern before they get started. You may also let them know how anxious you are about your appointment so that they are especially gentle and considerate of your concerns.


This is a guest post provided to Mile High Mom for its readers.