How To Stay Healthy While On A Family Holiday!

It’s always great when you go off traveling with the family. It’s a perfect time to bond and spend time together. But you need to ensure you do these things so that you can stay healthy while you are on your travels.

Stay hydrated

It’s so important to stay hydrated while you are on holiday. You need to keep drinking while you’re on the plane as the low humidity can make the air dry, meaning you will be more prone to catch illnesses. Therefore, ask for bottles of water and try and drink a decent amount of water every hour. Once you are in the country, if you are out in hot weather, you and your family will easily become dehydrated. Therefore, you should take some bottles with you so you can keep filling up as you go. Remember not to drink tap water when you are in a different country. You could become very ill, so stick to bottled water to ensure you and your family stay healthy while you’re abroad.

Be careful what you eat

Another way you can stay healthy while you are on a family holiday is to be careful what you eat. It can be very tempting to try new foods, but you could end up with food poisoning which is never fun when you are traveling. Stick to busy restaurants rather than buying off a street stall. You can check online on sites such as Trip Advisor before you go into a restaurant to make sure it’s okay. You could also take probiotic bacteria such as Lactobacillus Acidophilus DDS-1. It can help to prevent Traveler’s diarrhea, which tends to occur when you visit other countries.  

Don’t over eat

You should also ensure that you don’t overeat while you are on holiday. It’s so easy to consume loads when there are so many delicious foods to try. But if you are going to have a big lunch, you need to consume less at dinner. Make sure you fill up on a decent breakfast so that you won’t be as hungry at lunch time. Any high-fat foods you need to eat in moderation so that you can keep the fat away. As we talked about before, you should record what you are eating, so you know how many calories you have had in the day. And remember to ensure your kids still eat fruit and vegetables while you are on holiday!

Keep exercising

Another way you can stay healthy while you on a family holiday is to ensure you keep exercising. You should do a few stretches before you start the day on holiday to help you keep healthy. Make the most of the hotel gym, and you can even go for a run on the beach if there is one nearby. You should ensure the kids move around and do exercise while you are traveling. That way you will all stay healthy while on your break.

Don’t drink too much alcohol

You can easily end up drinking way too much while you are on a family vacation. Most hotels will have a bar with a lot of drinks that you can try while you are away on your break. You will also find bars lining up the streets with many good deals on drinks. You need to ensure you don’t drink too much, so you stay healthy while you’re on the break. You could end up poorly if you do have too many drinks. You might also put on weight as some alcoholic beverages are full of calories. Therefore, don’t have too many drinks while you are on vacation.

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Prepare for long plane journeys

Another way you can stay healthy while you are on a vacation is to ensure you prepare for a long plane journey. If it’s a long way, you could end up with deep-vein thrombosis if you are sat still for too long. Move around the plane at least once an hour to ensure you are getting movement to your legs. Get the kids to move around as well. You can buy some special socks as well, which can help you to avoid getting blood clots.

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Pack a first aid box

Remember that if you want to stay healthy while on a family vacation, you need to ensure you pack a first aid box. It’s essential so if one of your family does become sick while you are on vacation, you can deal with it quickly.
Remember if you are worried about a family member’s health while you’re away, you ask the hotel to call for a doctor in the area.

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