How to Use Stationery to Personalize Special Family Events

It’s the digital era and most people have their own digital devices. Even toddlers play with and learn from a digital toy. Those who have lived before our digital age and are still alive today long for the beauty and personal touch of communicating through paper like handwritten letters on stationery paper or real card invitations to events that are planned for the family such as weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, etc. Today, the rarity of such makes it even more special.

Thanks to Basic Invite, the memories you can create for a person can be started with a baby shower. You can make baby shower invitations and share the event with your love ones, family, and friends, and have an actual stationery invitations sent out. How lovely it would be to receive such an invitation? The person who would take care of such needs will not have to worry about how to go about creating the card because not only are there so many designs to choose from, your own design can also be uploaded. There are a lot of colors to choose from (180 options) and hundreds of fonts to select from are also available. Card stock finish can be matte, semi-gloss, or shimmer and you can be sure that the inside is writable, in case you wanted it to be more personalized with your handwritten signature. Instant preview can make you see the visual result right away. You can even order the actual sample that you have chosen/designed to be sure it is what you really wanted. They even come with peel and seal envelopes with 40 colors to choose from.

So many people will be very happy that the stationery world can live on. Next is to plan is your baby shower thank you card. After the baby is born, you can be sure you will need an elegant birth announcement. The list can go on with every birthday, graduation, engagement, wedding and other exciting and memorable family events. Now, each of these events can be planned in a personalized manner and made more special for everyone involved.

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