I’m Loving My New Case Cellphone

I’m loving my new case cellphone. As you can see here I have my princess photo as my phone case. It’s really cute and I get a lot of compliments when people see my case. Not because it’s really cute, but it’s very light and easy to handle. I would like to thank igearunlimited.com for this awesome opportunity to try their products. I actually received two of their awesome products which are the Custom iPhone 4 Clipper Case and the Custom printed TuffSkin.

As for my new customized clipper case, they are made of high quality materials, it’s durable and thin, which actually didn’t any noticable weight to my phone.  It’s very easy to use, you just clip it and it’s ready to use. What I love more about this one is that I my daughter’s image on the back and it’s scuff resistant too. I use to have a rubberized case and for just a couple of weeks of using it, I noticed it was wearing out already and I was not happy about it.

This one is scuff resistant, so when you scuff it, there’s nothing that happens and it’s still the same. I also have a laminated tuffskin on both sides of my phone and I can still use my clipper case since it’s very thin and laminated. It’s very easy to upload the photos of any of your favorites and I’m telling you the photos of my new case are great quality. If you love to customize your iPhone 4 or 5, this would be the place for you to check out since they have very affordable prices for awesome products and provide free shipping for orders over $50.

I receive some products at no cost for reviewing purposes only. All written content is 100% original


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