I’m The Daddy

Daddy Scrubs is a place for daddy to go shopping because they have an assortment stuff mainly for daddys only. Here are some of the products they have like books, hoods, hats, tees, daddy scrubs and accessories. I want to thank them for giving me this opportunity to try their products which you can see here in the picture below. I got the travel mug and T-shirt and my hubby just loved them. The t-shirt fits him really well and he just loves the design with baby feet on the front and the big boldly word “I’m the daddy” on the back. It makes him more proud wearing this t-shirt and show people how great it is to be a daddy and of course he’s really proud about it. This travel mug is perfect since he needed one, he loves to drink apple juice and this mug he can take wherever he goes and and it says, ‘I’m The Daddy’, which makes it even better. If you want to grab these awesome daddy products, check this place out, DaddyScrubs.com, become their fan on Facebook and Twitter and you’ll be glad you did.

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