Important Tips For Keeping Your Makeup Accessories Clean and Safe

For all you ladies out there who are fond of using makeup, your makeup accessories are one of your most precious possessions. Since you’ve shelled out quite an amount of money for it, it is just right to keep it clean and make sure it will last a long time. Aside from keeping it in mint condition, it is also very important to keep it clean all the time. After all, these brushes and sponges are in contact with your precious skin. You have to keep in mind that your skin should be protected and anything that comes in contact with it should be harmless and gentle.

Sharing Makeup Brushes and Sponges – as much as possible, avoid sharing your sponges and brushes with other people, even your friends. These accessories can serve as a mode of transmission for a lot of infectious bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.

Cleaning Makeup Brushes – even if you don’t share your makeup brushes, it is still very important to keep them clean.Old makeup materials stuck on your brushes is one of the favorite places for bacteria to live and the longer you keep them, the more susceptible they become. Just take your brushes and run water on it downward to keep the base from getting wet. Then pour in a small amount of gentle shampoo until the water runs clear.  Reshape the bristles then spray some brush disinfectant and air dry on a clean towel overnight. For more tips, you can check out the ideas of Nancy Berhman for detailed beauty tips.

Cleaning Makeup Sponges – same thing as with your makeup brushes, your makeup sponges should be kept clean as well. Run it under warm water making sure that the entire sponge is soaked. Drop in some mild or gentle shampoo and lather until the water runs clear. Squeeze all the water out and air dry it overnight. As much as possible, do these cleaning routine on a regular basis after your use your make up accessories.

Keeping Your Makeup Bag Clean – given that you’ve cleaned your brushes and sponges thoroughly then right after, you will just throw them inside your dirty makeup bag, then  the brush and sponge cleaning would be useless. So, after cleaning your accessories, don’t ever forget to clean your makeup bag as well.

As much as possible, do these cleaning tips after you use your makeup accessories, say every two days is a good rule. This will help you avoid keeping old makeup particles in contact with your skin and check out Nancy Behrman for more details and tips.  

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