Improve Your Beauty From The Inside Out

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Today, living in this social media focused world and selfie culture, we are becoming more and more focused on the way we look on the outside, and whilst it’s perfectly reasonable for us to want to optimise our appearance, indeed this focus on beautifying yourself has been around for thousands of years; but if it’s true that real beauty is on the inside – perhaps it’s worth paying some attention to how we can enhance our inner beauty as well as our external beauty.

Agreed, how we look on the outside is incredibly important and feeling good about how we look externally helps us to feel better on the inside too.  It’s understandable why so many people are looking to understand how to build a personalized skin care routine or the most effective ways to take care of their hair, yet sometimes we are so busy creating a desirable external image that we often forget the saying that states “it’s what’s on the inside that counts”.

If you’ve ever noticed a stunningly attractive person sitting on a train that gets a lot of attention from people, but exudes a negative and arrogant energy, you’ll know first hand that no matter how beautiful the outer shell – the inner attractiveness or unattractiveness will always find its way through, and in reality, who do we honestly want to spend our time with – is it the superficially beautiful or is it the warm, kind, funny, caring and charismatic people we can share our hearts with?

The key point is that beauty is beyond skin deep.  We attract people to us based on who we are on the inside, not just on the outside, so this article looks at three ways to improve your beauty from the inside out.


The benefits of smiling and laughter are huge… there’s even yoga classes that incorporate spontaneous laughter and over the top smiling in order to reap the benefits that include greater immunity, hormone regulation, and a longer life.  

Try smiling.  Even if you don’t feel like smiling – just changing your physiology triggers certain neurotransmitters to fire in the brain, that indicates to your brain, that you must be happy — the brain therefore goes into that state of happiness.  You can essentially trick your brain into thinking you are happy even when you’re not, and when the brain releases these natural chemicals, it lifts your mood… so it’s a win-win.

Furthermore, the effect you smiling at someone has on that person is hugely positive.  We live in a world where so many people feel disconnected and ignored; smiling at someone, making eye contact and asking them a simple yet genuine question is a great way to boost self-esteem, confidence and self-worth in others.

When was the last time you had a really good belly laugh?   See, laughter is contagious.  It not only leads to you feeling better… it causes a chain-reaction that infects those around you.  Have you ever started to laugh, for no reason, just because someone else is laughing so hard — ever heard the phrase “he’s got a contagious laugh” — how do you feel around people that are smiling and laughing all the time?  You naturally want to be around them, right, which is a definition of attractiveness.


Leave people, places and things better than you find them.  Have a positive impact on everyone that you come into contact with; whether that’s through something as simple and implicit as a well intentioned smile or an explicit compliment to brighten their day.  Interact with people in an uplifting way that brings joy into their life.  


Feeling beautiful on the inside has a lot to do with how you treat others as well as how you treat yourself.  Be kind to people.  Be generous.  Focus on creating value for others and see your relationships as a place to “give” rather than “get”.  Whether this is as simple as giving someone a little encouragement, holding a door open, giving up your seat, offering a compliment or donating to someone in need.  

There is a saying by Tony Robbins, that the “secret to living is giving” and the most fulfilled people are those that give the most; whether this is on a financial level, an emotional level, or a practical level.  There is an important principle to remember though, in terms of giving, which is that you must first give to yourself – even on an airplane you are advised to tend to your own oxygen mask first.  The aim is to be so “full” yourself that you are brimming over with abundance to help others.

In summary, our external appearance matters – but what matters more is how we feel about ourselves and if we don’t feel beautiful on the inside, this will come out – like toxins seeping through our pores.

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