Ingredients in Dog Food That Should Be Avoided

When it comes to choosing your pets food you should always check the ingredients in the food to ensure you are giving them food that is nutritional and healthy.  Recent news has revealed the horrors of our food not being what we think it is – think horse burger at Tesco’s – we did not want to eat that and we should treat our pets with respect and try and feed them the best food available.


When looking for the best food for your pet you want to avoid foods that contain low meat content and a high level of bulky starchy foods that will fill your pet up but not provide any nutrition.  You want to look for foods that are as natural as possible with no additives or colouring.  Food that is natural, additive and colouring free may look dull to us but remember dogs see in black and white so all food looks the same to them.  Do not be fooled into buying foods that are colourful and look appetising as your pet will not care and it isn’t you eating the food.

There are many great and healthy foods available for cats and dogs.  Foods that are natural contain good, nutritional ingredients and are low in additives and bulky foods that provide no nutrition.  Brands include Royal Canin, James Wellbeloved, Purina and Arden Grange.  A lot of the top quality pet foods offer a great range of foods for different breeds, age and size of dog.  Some tailor food to help dogs with particular medical problems including kidney problems and skin issues.

Royal Canin do a great range of food depending on dog size including Royal Canin Mini, Royal Canin Medium and Royal Canin Maxi.

Royal Canin Mini is specially formulated for small dogs, weighing between 1-10kg.  The food contains the correct amount of nutrients to ensure the small dog gets the necessary energy needed without gaining unnecessary weight.

Royal Canin medium is for medium sized dogs weighing between 11-25kg. The food is made up of carefully selected protein and carbohydrates to ensure your dog gets the right amount of food for the energy he will burn off.  Royal Canin does not contain high fats or waste bulk food.

Royal Canin Maxi is foods for large sized dogs, weighing between 26-44kg.  The food contains a balanced blend of key nutrients needed for health and vitality, as well as carefully selected proteins and carbohydrates to cater to the high energy demands of large dogs.

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