Lately we got a lot of calls because my hubby is applying for a job. Since I’m usually busy doing something when the phone rings, I can’t go pick them up and answer. We get almost 20 calls a day and I always miss them because the phone is located in the computer room. It hards for me to go run because the wood floor is very slippery. I already fell running to get the phone. Actually we have two phones one in the computer and in the living room. For some reason the one in the living doesn’t work at all. I tried to fix it myself by putting a new battery in it, but it still is not working good. I get so frustrated and told my hubby we need to get a wireless intercom, that way I can put it anywhere I go. My hubby was thinking the same way that we need to get a new intercom system that has a driveway alarm too. I didn’t know anything about it until recently. I’m just so frustrated with our phone and having this kind of wireless system where I can put it anywhere is really a great help for me, especially when I’m playing and teaching our daughter. So, I went browsing on the internet and found this awesome place. They have a great selection of intercom system to choose from. They have all kinds of electronics and gadgets we need at very affordable prices. When my hubby gets home from visiting my father in law, I will tell him about what this website has to offer. This is what I’ve been waiting for so that I don’t miss any calls while I’m busy with our daughter or around the house.