Internet Safety for Kids

There is no doubt that the Internet provides an abundance of opportunities for education, entertainment, connectivity and many other possibilities. However, anyone who uses the Internet needs to have an understanding of basic online safety. It is essential that parents teach these basics to their children.

Parents should always be the ones to teach their kids about the Internet. You can try to use KidsEmail, a Safe Email Program that lets your children communicate safely to their grandparents, aunts or relatives and friends – with you monitoring everything. Protect your kids when they are learning new technology by trying this safety program.

Here are some more tips you need to teach them too:

When friends or strangers, either offline or online, ask about your accounts, never share passwords or account IDs.

When choosing screen names, never use anything that would reveal personal information, such as something relating to your hobbies, school, birthday or home town.

When interacting online, whether it is in an online chat, email or other form, never provide personal information about either yourself or another person.

Never share pictures of yourself, your home or your family with people you have met online.

If you receive an email from an unknown source, immediately delete it without opening.

If you receive threatening or mean comments online, it is best to not respond. Log off immediately and report the incident to your parents.

Keep in mind that there is never anything you write online that is completely private. Always use caution regarding what you write as well as to whom you write.

Never agree to an in-person meeting with a friend you have met online.

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