It’s Bananas!

It’s Bananas!

Contribution by Paula Gonzales

Watching Rachel Zoe, “Tay” and Brad on the show “The Rachel Zoe Project” was enough to inspire my friends and I to imitate them on Halloween!

This show, based on the Hollywood fashion consultant Rachel Zoe and her “minions”, as an hour long look into what it takes to keep Hollywood A-Listers looking their best under the advice of Rachel. Set in L.A., there couldn’t be a better background to the superficialness that Rachel and her staff show all throughout the hour. Watching Rachel Zoe consult with clients on their red carpet get up is hilarious, complete with lines like, “Shut it down” (which means she can’t believe it), “I die” (which translates to I can’t handle this), and the very best line “It’s bananas” (which means something is driving her crazy).

The bad attitude of Rachel’s style assistant Taylor rounds the show off, as Taylor runs through each episode complaining about how hard her job is as she fits some of the top Hollywood players. As though I’m watching a train wreck, I can’t take my eyes off of her as she complains about her job as she tries on different pieces of million dollar rings and bracelets.

Thank god I get to digitally video record all of the episodes on my satellite TV from or I just may ‘go bananas’ and ‘shut it down’.

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