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This is a review program with Mums the Word Network and Recifoto. All opinions are my own.”

Food is always on the top of the list that is part of everyday living. Whether you buy what you like ready-made or if you make it on your own, almost everyone wants to share what they made, or get to see what others have done. If you have an iPhone or iPad, do not wait any longer! Download the Recifoto app for free and let the food socializing begin. It’s like the Instagram of recipes.  You do not have to fill in the ingredients if you do not want to. I just take a photo of everything I prepare and upload it. Sometimes I experiment so I need a record of what I did. Many times I make notes of the ingredients and the step to prepare, but I keep the post private unless I want to reveal and share with others. Other times I just wanted to try a new recipe. I just take a pic of the recipe together with the end result.

The app is really great because I get to see what others are trying or even inventing themselves. I always find new ideas that I can try myself. It’s also nice that I can comment on others’ posts and I also get comments (like praises) on my posts. It makes the world of recipes a little more human. I also get to follow the people who are geniuses when it comes to recipes. I like that because I get to know what the best cooks are doing so I can try their recipes as soon as I get the ingredients!  Have you tried searching for a particular recipe in your library of recipe books while you actually forgot where you saw it? Recifoto makes it easy to search!. Start sharing or storing your favorite personal or family recipes with others and your children and grandchildren can refer to them later! You can also share them via email, Twitter, FB, Pinterest, Google+, Tumbler and many other places.

Sharing Is Caring

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