Keeping Toddlers Healthy & Active All Year Round by Using @life_stix

As parents, our kid’s health has always been our top priority. Even if they’re still inside our womb, we see to it that we eat healthy food and we visit our doctors for constant monitoring. Now they’ve reached their toddler years, keeping them healthy has become more and more challenging. Toddlers are naturally curious, especially when it comes to food. If it looks appealing, then they would definitely eat it. During this stage, we can no longer monitor their activities 24/7 as they start to mingle with other kids at their pre-school or sometimes when they get to play outside in the neighborhood.

If you’re thinking of keeping your toddlers inside your house to keep them safe, then you’re depriving them with a lot of essential learning activities. If you worry that much, then you better take note of the following reminders.

Live By Example – if you want your kids to be clean, then let them see that you are clean as well. They often mimic the adults in the house, so this would basically do the trick. It applies not only in cleanliness, but in almost everything.

Supplements and vitamins – since you can no longer monitor what your kids’ are eating it would be much better to keep their immune system healthy. You can check out for their Lifestix immune probiotic. E.N.T Care is an oral immune probiotic that dissolves in the mouth. This new and effective probiotic, E.N.T. Care, focuses on supporting ear, nose and throat health.  The mouth and throat are the body’s entry point for nutrition, but also for threatening bugs that could compromise your health.That’s when E.N.T. Care can be used for immune support. You can find E.N.T Care at any local Walgreens stores.

Encourage Independence – now that they have a boosted immune system, let your kids explore their surroundings. Don’t worry about them getting dirty because it’s where they’re going to learn more. They will be able to know things faster if they can fully use all of their five senses.

Be Creative – as parents, we should also embrace variation. Don’t stick to single snack or single color or whatsoever. Be creative as much as possible. Kids usually get bored easily if they constantly experience the same activities all throughout the week.

Always remember that your kids childhood experience is essential for their personality to develop, so invest in it and make it as fun as possible.

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