Kia: A Leading South Korean Automobile Manufacturer

When looking for a Kemper Kia dealership, search for a business that knows the company’s history. Car enthusiasts love to discuss the details of various engines, as well as other vehicle features. Although Kia’s history is not as extensive as many other automobile brands, it is still an interesting topic of discussion. Many automobile sales professionals know their company’s history. However, the historical knowledge is usually related to mechanical advancements.

South Korean Beginnings

The headquarters of Kia motors is in Seoul, South Korea. The headquarters is the second-largest vehicle manufacturer in the country. Kia is a Korean word that means, “To arise to the world from Asia.” The company was founded on June 9, 1944. However, at the time it was not an automobile manufacturer. Kia was originally a tubing and bicycle parts manufacturer, but the company began building complete bicycles in 1951. Kia started to build motorcycles in 1957, trucks in 1926, and cars in 1974. However, the first automotive assembly plants opened in 1973. Unfortunately, vehicle production ended when the dictator Chun Doo-Hwan was in power. The company did not begin to manufacture cars again until 1986. Kia was able to do this by collaborating with Ford. 

Business Deals and Foreign Market Sales

Currently, Kia has over 42,000 employees worldwide. The company has managed to outsell models such as Chrysler in the United States. Although the headquarters is located in South Korea, the company has close ties with American and European sales and marketing divisions. In regards to Europe, Kia ranks high sales in Great Britain, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Kia also manufactures defense vehicles. These vehicles are used by the South Korean military. However, the military vehicle KM 450 has a design similar to the Kaiser Jeep M715, which is a United States military vehicle. The South Korean army obtained a license from the US government to use the design. Kia has produced six additional military vehicles.

Locating a Dealership in Your Area

Find a Kemper Kia dealership that has many vehicle selections. Consumers usually want to purchase or lease a certain type of vehicle. It may be difficult to find a vehicle of your dreams, but you can find the next best thing. The dealership may be able to order your vehicle from a nearby dealership or manufacturer.


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