Kids Basix Safe Sporter Water Bottle

I would like to thank for this great opportunity for having us try their safe sporter bottle. I received the orange 16oz and the safe purple sportier 12oz for my daughter which she just loves because the color purple is her favorite. We love drinking water and having these nice and colorful water bottles just makes it more easy for us to drink more water. It’s very important to drink a lot of liquids, especially since we live in a very dry place.

Here’s some other cool things about this safe sporter, it has the mud cap, which I love the most because it keeps the spout clean and easy to drink without leaking water, it’s really easy to open and close which is great for my daughter, it has a wide lid you can open so easily and put some ice cubes and easy to clean, it’s has lightweight, stainless steel and it’s made of single-walled, non leaching antimicrobial. I’m loving the size because I put it in her lunchbox, it has sleeve around it which makes it easy to grip and it has coaster which protects the bottom from denting. All their safe sporter comes with different colors at very affordable prices. To learn more about safe sporter water bottle, check out their site, like their Facebook to gain more information how awesome their products are.

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