Know More Your Personality with #YouAreWhatYouLike

There have been a number of personality discoveries that Facebook offers, but there is one that bases the results solely on what you have liked on Facebook. Try YouAreWhatYouLike Facebook app to see what your personality is depending on what you have liked. Do not worry, nothing will be posted without you doing so yourself.  The exact results aren’t guaranteed 100%, but there is a likely chance that the results are quite accurate. You have to give leeway to certain likes that you did just because you had to (requested by others). If most of your likes are really yours then you have a likely chance the results will be accurate.

It’s indeed quite amazing how people can easily make friends online. What the problem with it is that we do not know how genuine the intentions are regarding the people we will meet. With that, we end up doubting their motives and so as their purpose of making friends with us. Which on the other hand, they got the same feeling too. It’s quite hard indeed to trust people nowadays much more when you just met online. But, it is now easier for you to know the personality of a person you want to meet in the future. Thanks to YouAreWhatYouLike for making this possible. Just by the likes you have done, the application will give you result as to what kind of person you are. You can even use it to know your friends’ personalities too.

The result may not be reliable enough to trust, but, it provides an output that will reflect the likes you have been giving out in the past. As the saying goes, ‘you are what you like.’ Of course, what we have liked in the past is according to the preferences we love, like or don’t like. Through this application, you get to know more as to what kind of person you are and so as you also get the chance to know more the ones you want to cross paths with in the future. Indeed, this application will allow you a unique way to  know more of yourself and others.  If you want to do market research, you have to know what people like and most people you want to reach are on Facebook.

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