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Mostly women are fond of watching soap operas. I started watching soap operas when I was in high school and at that time the Korean soaps entered the Philippines and I was so into it. They have been very well accepted over the years. Up until now that I moved here in the states I still watch the Korean drama and basically it’s kind of my therapy. There is something to those plots that entertain the whole country. Most of the stories that get people to watch are similar to romantic comedies. Boy meets girl, rich boy, poor girl, they hate each other but in the end boy defends girl against all odds. All other girls envy her and any girl watching feels like she is that special girl to the point of dressing up Korean style. It cannot be helped, the stories are really good.

Boys Over Flowers have been shown on TV, yet people still go online to watch it again. The same goes with Coffee Prince, Full House, Dream High, Baker King and Gumiho: Tale of the Fox Child is one of those which are nice to watch over and over again. Even the heavy historical drama, Queen Seon Duk, captivated the whole country. Even if those who started watching are the teenage kids, when the parents watch, they tend to continue until the story ends. Korean drama has taken over prime time and it looks like that it will continue forever. If you or someone you know loves to watch soap operas, check out this Korean drama and get the excitement started.

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